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L Stage-Mobile (22' X 20')

The L Mobile Stage is perfect for events which call for a single band or performer at a given time.  It has the features of a large production stage, but at an affordable price point!



Performance Area: 22 ft. X 20 ft.
Stage height (from ground) 39"-51" in. 

Canopy Height: 15'
Stage floor load 100 psf 
Roof load allowances:

Flybays- 770 lbs each

Trusses- 440 lbs each (4)


  • 22' X 20' fully covered performance area

  • 42" high railings (3 sides)

  • Load bearing roof and fly bays

  • 2- Stairways with railings

  • Full height water repellent backdrop and sidewalls

  • 4' X 4' sound wings for audio placement

  • Optional banner package for event/sponsor advertisement

  • Setup- 1 person in 30 mins

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